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    Dictionary of Tibetan Materia Medica

    View portions of Pasang Yonten's "Dictionary of Tibetan materia medica" on Google Books.

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    Chronological Medical Texts List

    A chronological list of Tibetan medical texts by Kurtis Schaeffer, last updated in 2002.

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  • pulsetaking


    Traditionally, diagnostic techniques are organized into visual techniques, pulse analysis, and interrogatory techniques. Today in Lhasa’s Tibetan hospitals, new diagnostic techniques are being integrated into clinical practice as well. Diagnosis involves relating symptomology with pathology by means of the “three examinations” and the “three methods […]

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  • pills


    The term “pharmacy” refers to the development of medicinal materials; “pharmacology,” sometimes also called “pharmaco-therapeutics,” refers to the clinical application of medicinal substances. This page will eventually discuss both of these topics but for now focuses primarily on pharmacy. These pages will introduce viewers to […]

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  • measure dish


    Traditionally in Tibetan medicine, diet and behavioral recommendations are initial therapies for many types of health conditions. Various medicinal substances are also prescribed. Although Tibetan medical texts present techniques for surgical intervention, surgery is generally recommended only as a last resort, and patients are generally […]

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